Our Mission

The mission of our organization is to promote positive engagement in the community with all members of the society to generate awareness, respect, and acceptance of the differences and similarities Muslims have with other members of the community. To develop fellowship and understanding among such persons through group interaction, community education, recreational activities and other inter-faith activities.

MECCA services the community to enhance the awareness of Muslims and the Islamic religion through peace-generating, community-supporting efforts that the Islamic way of life promotes.  MECCA’s goals are to support community engagement through behaviors that promote healthy family values, commitment to community, civic involvement, and partnerships that meet the needs of the community. MECCA strives to put Islamic principles into practice through programs and activities that promote good character and conduct.

MECCA will take specific actions that will make a significant difference in the lives of our beneficiaries such as conducting civics classes to teach Muslims and other youth about the rights and duties of citizenship. Through these classes, MECCA will teach those participants about the privileges and obligations one has as an American citizen or one seeking residency. The goals of these classes are to encourage community engagement, support of our nation while recognizing the privileges appertaining people living in this country. This type of programming makes MECCA different because it strives to promote love of community and country to those who may have never studied this course in school. MECCA strives to promote healthy American values that contribute to allegiance and support of the United States of America.

MECCA strives to address the challenges and problems of misinformation that may exist about the Islamic way of life. MECCA plans to provide community education to bring about a true reflection of the religion and disbarring misunderstandings about the faith.

MECCA will use a wealth of resources to overcome these challenges and problems through a variety of methods: MECCA will provide community presentations through a Speakers Bureau of trained volunteers; distribute literature, while maintaining and developing community partnerships that promote good citizenry. Additionally, MECCA plans to offer extended day enrichment programs for youth, and other support services to families. MECCA links with organizations where members of MECCA provide medical services and feeding for the homeless, along with other services for indigent people.